"Jacqueline King,MS,RD,CDE,FADA has been the dietitian Rosie's Meals, Incorporated has chosen to partner with for more than a decade. Jacqueline King's commitment to the high quality care she gives her clients is what we have counted on over the years at Rosie's. She understands the clients we serve, the different medical issues they face and the limitations that many of them have day to day. With that in mind, Jacqueline has been able to help us develop meal plans and nutritional programs that can be easily implemented in the Group Home environment to help improve the clients' quality of life."

Amy Russel

"The way that Jackie approached my situation, combining both compassion and scientific nutritional information, truly saved my life. She helped me when I was at my absolute bottom in terms my relationship with food and gave me the tools I needed to see that I could break the patterns that had taken over my day to day existence. Her experience in the field makes her a great source of knowledge as she always provided me with the best supported answers to any type of questions I could even come up with! Whether it dealt with structuring meals, fitting in variety or simply learning how to eat, Jackie could help me. More than that, her ability to connect with me and really listen to my concerns and fears allowed me to trust her, which is one of the biggest components in trying to overhaul lifestyle habits. I can genuinely and confidently say that had I not gone to Jackie for nutritional guidance, I would have never overcome the barriers that once existed in my life."


"I have worked with Jacqueline King for over 30 years in the area of diabetes. Her career in diabetes began at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago as the research dietitian in the Diabetes in Pregnancy Center. She quickly became the expert in this area of diabetes and for me, the "go to person" for information. In fact, Jackie has been and still is the best resource in any area of diabetes or medical nutrition therapy."

Monica Joyce, MS, RD, CDE

"Jackie King is one of the most informed and educated diabetes practioners in the nutrition field. She is a leader who mentors fledgling practioners aspiring to her same credentials, goals, and experience. When I receive a complicated diabetes case, I both refer and prefer that the client be counseled by Jackie. I do this knowing that my patient with diabetes will be receiving the most up-dated diabetes intervention and counseling available."

Sue Rose, MS, RD

"I have been in diabetes management and education for over 35 years in Chicago and have known Jackie for most of those years. Jackie is a bright, talented, effervescent, caring woman who has greatly influenced the professional care and self-care of many individuals with diabetes. Jackie has made herself known and respected in all organizations involved in diabetes management. Living daily with diabetes herself, Jackie has put the mission of educating and assisting those with diabetes central to her life."

Anne Gallagher