Your First Visit

A Typical First Visit to the Office

During the initial 60-90 minute visit to the office, no other calls are answered so that attention can be focused on the patient. A voice mail system allows in-coming patient calls to be received at another time. Patients receive a diet and medical history form to fill out before their visit. The initial visit allows the patient to relate their nutritional history and their concerns about dietary intervention. Patients are always given nutrition guidelines to work on until their next visit.

At their second visit, diet training is begun. Use of the exchange system, carbohydrate counting, meal planning, the non-diet approach, or the food pyramid is determined by the patient's needs. Patients identify areas of concern so these can be addressed at follow-up visits. By providing each patient with topics that can be covered at follow-up lessons, they begin to understand that diet is not a one shot visit. It involves a series of educational and behavioral sessions.

Options for Service

If you are interested putting Jackie's expertise to your benefit, read on to learn what you'll need to do for your first appointment. For your convenience, we offer more than one option for service.

Office Visits


Office Visits are usually the preferred method of service. This allows for interaction between the patient and nutrition therapist. Our office is located in Glenview, Illinois. If you would like to get a better idea of where our office is located, click here for a map and directions.

Phone Consultations or Internet Access


Phone Consultations are also available for those who, for whatever reason, may not be able to make it in to the office.

If you would like to learn more before making a decision, we will be glad to answer any questions, or provide any information you may need. Simply Contact Us.